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Record-setting performance for East Ridge gymnasts

East Ridge's gymnasts were in the zone, rocking another record-setting performance Thursday, Jan. 11 and coming ever so close to knocking off top-ranked Stillwater.

The seventh-ranked Raptors narrowly fell in the dual meet of top 10 teams, 147.875 to 147.225, but it was a performance to remember for the East Ridge gymnasts.

Junior Cassie Kahrer of the Raptors won the all-around with a score of 37.9. Eighth-grade teammate Hailey Tretter was second in the all-around with a score of 36.525.

"I'm shocked," East Ridge coach Caroline Urgo said. "I had no idea. It's like the first meet all over again. I'm so proud of them but we have been — practices have been all about being in the zone and being confident and taking one turn at a time, one skill at a time.

"You know these girls, they salute the judge and they like to mesh everything together and kind of rush it, when in practice they're so calm all the time and they're like chill," Urgo added. "Just because it's a meet you don't have to go crazy. So that's what we've been working on and they did it. They have to learn to control their adrenaline and that's hard to learn how to do. And so that's what we're learning. We're learning to control that adrenaline that we have and just stay more on the calm side. I mean, look what happens when you do that."

The Raptors showed what they've been learning Thursday.

Kahrer had a dominate night with scores of 9.575, 9.475, 9.325 and 9.525 in the four events. She won the vault and placed second on the bars and on the floor and finished fifth on the beam.

"I'm happiest with just how our team did," Kahrer said. "I'm really proud of our team. I think we all did really well working together as a team, not letting any little mistakes bother us. Keeping it at one event at a time and not getting nervous for the next event."

As a team, it was East Ridge's best team score of the season and within spitting distance of the team's best mark ever of 148.525. The Raptors opened the season with a score of 145.55 but Thursday night's performances were even better.

The top-ranked Stillwater Ponies came into the meet with a 146.142 average and didn't disappoint either, racking up 14 individual scores of nine or better. The Raptors weren't far behind, finishing with 12 scores of nine or higher. In addition to Kahrer's four nines or better, Alyssa Chandler had three, Tretter and Lexie Corcoran two each.

Seventh-ranked East Ridge entered with an average of 144.492. As usual, the Raptors saved the best for last, dominating the floor exercise. Tretter, Kahrer, Chandler and Corcoran all scored 9.3's or better in the event. Tretter had a 9.3, Kahrer a 9.525, Chandler a 9.475 and Corcoran a 9.475.

"I was pretty thrilled with how the team went in general because we had a good attitude about everything," Chandler said. "I think that the way that we react with each other really reflects on our team score. We had a lot of energy today and I think our team score reflected that."

East Ridge also won the vault led by Kahrer's 9.575 mark and Tretter's 9.45 score.

Stillwater won the meet on the strength of their bars routines where the Ponies finished 1-3-4-5.

East Ridge (3-1) competes at White Bear Lake (3-1) Wednesday, Jan. 17.

East Ridge individual varsity scores by event

Vault — 1, Kahrer, 9.575. 2, Tretter, 9.45. 6, Walker, 9.25. 8, Chandler, 9.175. 10, Corcoran, 8.6.

Bars — 2, Kahrer, 9.475. 5, Tretter, 8.95. 7, Corcoran, 8.7. 8, Abbie Joson, 8.25. 10, Chandler, 7.75.

Beam — 2, Chandler, 9.45. Kahrer, 9.325. 6, Corcoran, 9.1. 7, Tretter, 8.825. 9, Walker, 8.2.

Floor — 2, Kahrer, 9.525. 3, Corcoran, 9.475. 4, Chandler, 9.4. 6, Tretter, 9.3. 9, Walker, 8.425.

All-around — 1, Kahrer, 37.9. 2, Tretter, 36.525. 4, Corcoran, 35.875. 5, Chandler, 35.775.