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Letter: Pride, prosperity on display at new fire station; Rich should be emulated, not reviled

Pride, prosperity on display at new fire station

Key elements of our city's tagline — Where Pride and Prosperity Meet — were in prominent display at the June 2, 2018, open house of the new and needed fire station.

"Prosperity" was reflected in the city's capacity to furnish firefighters with an exceedingly well-structured, esthetically pleasing and functional building. The fire-fighting appointments — training area and equipment bays to just name a couple — were designed to enhance skills and expedite response time.

"Pride" was evident in the many men and women who appeared to walk a bit taller in their blue uniforms and spoke of the numerous tasks that were studied and performed by the total fire-fighting force. Their informative explanations of the diverse fire station work areas were detailed and confident.

Applause aplenty to all who made the building a reality and bountiful praise for all who now are assigned there. It's a place with purpose and with people who have a calling to serve.

As a long-tenured citizen of Cottage Grove, I say thank you.

Joe Kovarik

Cottage Grove

Rich should be emulated, not reviled

In response to Mr. Labovitch's letter ("Yo-Yo economics, not tax cuts") published in the May 23, 2018 South Washington County Bulletin,

Mr. Labovitch ends his letter by stating we need to understand the true reality of our situation. I don't know of a time when Democrats have understood reality. Particularly when it comes to economics.

Here is the reality: The government must not impose policy that punishes people who take risks and open businesses. Tax and regulatory policy must encourage investment. Tax cuts help incentivize business creation and regulatory reform would help businesses by making it easier to deal with red tape that hinders growth.

The economic ignorance of Democrats never ceases to amaze me, along with their animus to someone who has become rich. It is the rich that have the capacity to build and develop businesses that lead to new jobs. One cannot be for workers and tear down employers at the same time because you view them as the "evil rich."

But Democrats don't understand this or simply don't care. Their hatred for anyone who has achieved success clouds their approach to public policy.

It used to be in America we would try to emulate those that have become successful. Now, Democrats are envious of the successful and want to tear them down. It is time for you to grow up. Being perpetual children isn't getting you anywhere.

Brian Marum