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Letter to the Editor: Yo-Yo economics, not tax cuts

To the editor:

Let's be real, here. Federal tax changes are forcing Minnesota to update state tax laws. At the same time, Republicans are trying to further decrease taxes for the richest. However, Republicans fail to explain what will they cut along with it. When you decrease revenue, you will get deficits unless you make budget cuts. And these cuts (which have happened in states like Wisconsin and Kansas) have come in the form of health care cuts, public education cuts, and local government aid cuts. Moreover, taxpayers will still have to pay through fees, property taxes, or the creation of tollways (this is what Wisconsin is looking at) to make up for it.

The truth is this is not "tax relief" but rather Republicans playing yo-yo economics in Minnesota. We only have to look back to the Pawlenty administration and the ideological warfare he played which included cuts or proposed cuts to the aforementioned programs in the first paragraph. Governor Dayton and Democrats solved the deficit problem in 2013 with a mixture of cuts and tax increases. Hence, it is important to understand the true reality here and not what just lies on the surface.

William Cory Labovitch

South Saint Paul

Labovitch is outreach director of Senate District 54 DFL