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Letters to the editor: Lots of questions remain about BNSF plans

Lots of questions remain about BNSF plans

I would love to inform people of St. Paul Park about my experience with BNSF. It doesn't seem to be the same impression Sandi Dingle, Patrick Downs or Andrew Cison had. I read the recent article in the Bulletin paper and wondered how much conversation they have had with BNSF about their plans.

I have gone to all but one meeting BNSF had with St. Paul Park and Grey Cloud Island Township. When people asked questions about the environment, property values, and just how much of a good neighbor they will be, I got a lot a mixed information from BNSF. When asked about tests they have done on precautions on the water, air and wildlife, they really had not done anything but said things would be just fine. At a meeting about their project, a resident of Grey Cloud Township was actually threatened; BNSF stated that BNSF doesn't have to do any berms or anything that would help ease the noise, pollution, and traffic for the communities around the 288-acre auto transit station. BNSF may have federal laws from the 1800s permitting them certain rights but do the conditions for this project even represent the original causes for the law? BNSF will probably not even operate the site, the St. Paul station is operated by a third party. Just a side note: BNSF does not have to maintain their roads — Grey Cloud Island Drive South and Grey Cloud Trail on the east and north sides. And what about Third Street, the school, the day cares, and the businesses in St. Paul Park? Would you want to share the roads with 130 transport trucks traveling daily? And this figure is only for the start of the development.

What about the local residents' commute to work? We do not have a lot of options. Laws can be changed for the betterment of the people.

Does St. Paul Park want to be known as St. Paul Industrial Park?

Joan Miller

Grey Cloud Island Township

DFL governor candidates embolden strong values for common good

A big thank you to Afton and Marine on St. Croix Indivisible, St. Croix Valley Women's Alliance, Senate District 39 DFL, and Stillwater High School Young Democrats for putting on the well-organized DFL governor candidates forum at Stillwater Middle School, Thursday, Nov. 2. It was great to see a packed auditorium. The forum showed us qualified candidates who spoke about their visions for the future of Minnesota and each had strong platforms and visions for our state. Those visions included: creating a strong economy for all Minnesotans; affordable high quality health care; clean air and water for drinking and fishing; and continuing to champion a strong education system that will keep Minnesota viable for tomorrow's workforce. All these leaders are moving away from our greed-centered politics and it was refreshing to hear. These candidates embolden strong values for the common good of all Minnesotans. I encourage everyone to get involved and learn more about our candidates for governor.

Amy Stedman


East Metro Huddle