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Letter: Jason Lewis is dangerous, not protesters

To the editor:

Recently, Congressman Jason Lewis responded to a small group of peaceful protesters who gathered outside his Woodbury residence by labelling them "dangerous." Lewis then defamed and threatened them on social media. For their part, the protesters wanted to ask Lewis to fight against cuts to Medicaid and health insurance, and to hold a public meeting for the people he represents. The real danger was not the protesters; it's Lewis. He is treating our precious democracy like it's his own private monarchy.

Ever since Lewis was elected (narrowly), he's failed to be the representative we need in Washington. Lewis hasn't held a single public meeting with constituents. How can he represent our best interests if he doesn't even talk to us? Lewis also consistently votes against our values. He voted to strip health care from 28,500 people in Washington and Dakota counties. He voted to loosen restrictions on banks that gamble with our savings and investments. He voted to let pollution clog our lakes and rivers. Lewis is voting against the very things that keep us healthy, wealthy and happy.

The people who were brave enough to stand up to Lewis through their peaceful protest were just local moms and dads, grandparents and young people who are rightly concerned about Lewis' undemocratic tendencies. It's time we all joined them. Lewis needs to hear from us through more phone calls, emails, letters, and yes, protests that his behavior is dangerous. If Lewis can't handle democracy, he should get out of office.

Rachel Garaghty

Cottage Grove