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Letter: We need courage, not cowards, in Congress

To the editor:

Three Republican Senators just saved more than 20 million American lives. That's called courage, and it's how our elected officials are supposed to act. Sens. John McCain of Arizona, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine were the only Republicans to vote against their party's bill to repeal Obamacare on July 28. With their votes, they effectively ended their party's cruel effort to rip health insurance away from millions of people. These three senators saved America.

Contrast their actions with our own U.S. representative, Jason Lewis, who has rubber-stamped every single effort to gut health care and leave thousands of our neighbors in Washington and Dakota counties without insurance. Those are the actions of a coward. Rather than forge his own path and do what's best for the people he was elected to represent, Lewis has kowtowed to big money, special interests and extremists in the Republican party. He hasn't held a single public town hall meeting with his constituents, but he has raised thousands of dollars from secretive special interest donors. He hasn't fought to protect our health, our natural resources or our financial security, but he has voted for legislation to strip us of all these things. Whereas McCain, Murkowski and Collins give us profiles in courage, Lewis exemplifies cowardice.

We have too much to lose from the brand of mindless partisanship that Jason Lewis represents. In Congress, we need independent thinkers who aren't afraid to stand up to their party when it's in the best interests of the people. As long as Lewis remains in office, he will keep spinning his wheels in the muddy rut of partisanship instead of moving our communities forward.

Rachel Garaghty

Cottage Grove