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Letter to the editor: Holmstadt vote will help take back Senate

Referring to Leon Moe’s letter to the editor (“Holmstadt will spend how we would to repair roads, not light rail projects, Sept. 21): Sen. Ron Latz, DFL-St. Louis Park, sent a tweet out at the end of the last legislative session: “No light rail funding, no bonding bill. When will the House figure this out?” So the DFL-controlled Senate did not pass a bonding bill. Then Gov. Mark Dayton stomped his feet in a political temper tantrum. He should have passed what the two houses could agree on, but not DFL Dayton. God bless House Speaker Kurt Daudt, R-Crown, for the wisdom in not supporting a boondoggle in the Southwest Light Rail Transit.
Then there is the family leave bill (Senate File 2558). Leilani Holmstadt’s opponent, Dan Schoen, supports this bill. It is a tax on every working family and business in Minnesota to give to 3 or 4 percent of Minnesotans. Just another tax that Schoen loves; he has never met a new tax he didn’t love. Why is government in the family leave business? If you don’t like your benefits from your current employer, upgrade your skills and find a new job.
A vote for Holmstadt is a start on what we need to take back the Minnesota Senate in 2016. This will keep transit out of south Washington County. Keep your hard-earned dollars in your pocket.

Mike Skweres

St. Paul Park