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Cottage Grove resident writes Memorial Day poem

Memorial Day poem

As we gather here today

To pray our special way

Let us forever remember

What our heroes had to pay

Most of them were very young

Who gave to us their all

With dreams and hopes

of future days

As their loved ones still recall

But they fell upon

the battlefield

A twist of fate they say

And now we honor all of them

Who gave to us each day

So as we stand here tall

and proud

With some or hundreds more

We're united in our

deepest thoughts

Of those we lost to war

The cost of freedom is

quite high

And today brings home

that fact

But without our heroes

across this land

How would we stay intact?

So as we honor and give

our thanks

To those who gave so much

Let's never forget

throughout the year

How all of us are touched

Bob Beskar

Cottage Grove

Beskar is a Vietnam War veteran