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DISTRICT 833 SCHOOL BOARD MEETING Unofficial Clerk's Minutes 8/23/18

Tuesday, September 4, 2018 - 11:20pm

District 833 School Board Meeting Unofficial Clerk's Minutes: 8/23/18
Called to Order by Brunnette at 6:30pm at the DSC. Board Members present: Brunnette, Driscoll, Hirsch, Kath, Schwartz, Van Leer & Witte.
Superintendent Jacobus was present. Moved by Van Leer, seconded by
Driscoll to approve the agenda. All in favor. Motion carried. New district staff were introduced. Moved by Van Leer, seconded by Hirsch to approve the following Consent Agenda items: Retirements, Resignations,
Terminations, Leaves of Absence, New Employees, Change of Status,
Authorization for Petty Cash Limit for 2018-19, EFT's, Gifts, & 7/26/18 & 8/9/18 Board Meeting Minutes.
Presentations on district finances & professional development were given. It was moved by Schwartz, seconded by Van Leer to approve the 2019-20 move to Preferred One as the district health insurance vendor. All in favor, none opposed, motion carried. It was moved by Driscoll, seconded by Schwartz to approve policies 504 & 510.1. All in favor, none opposed,
motion carried. Dr. Jacobus gave
updates. Future meeting dates are the 9/6/08 & 9/20/18. The meeting
adjourned at 7:39pm. Additional
meeting details can be located on the District website