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Refinery moving into former DMC building

The St. Paul Park refinery bought the former Diversified Manufacturing building in 2016, and the property is now being brought into the fold of the refinery land. Courtesy of the city of St. Paul Park

The out-of-use Diversified Manufacturing Corp. site straddling the line between St. Paul Park and Newport has been scooped up by the St. Paul Park refinery for increased parking and office space.

The refinery, currently owned by Andeavor, plans to remodel the former DMC building and build a new parking lot for refinery use.

The actual building will be remodeled into office space for staff and contractors, as well as some warehouse space to be utilized during construction.

There will also be six temporary construction trailers set up on the site. Two of them will be used as decontamination units that will become more permanent.

The parking lot will be split by a fence for internal parking and public/guest parking.

The refinery — owned by Western Refining at the time — purchased the DMC land and building in late-2016. Part of the nearly 2-acre lot is inside St. Paul Park city limits and the other inside Newport city limits, causing the refinery to need approval from both cities.

St. Paul Park City Council approved the remodel 5-0 at the July 16 meeting.