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Cottage Grove Ord. 989 Amending City Fees

Tuesday, January 2, 2018 - 11:20pm

The Cottage Grove City Council passed Ordinance 989, which amends City Fees in the following categories: Animal: Licenses, and Registrations; Development: Engineering, and Miscellaneous; Golf Course: Facility Rental, Food and Beverage Minimum, and Seasonal Pass; Licenses: Rental; Permits: Building, Electrical, Grading/Excavation, Mechanical/Plumbing (Commercial), Mechanical/Plumbing (Residential), Miscellaneous Permit Fees, and Zoning; Public Safety: Polices Services, and Towing and Impound; Public Works: Equipment and Labor, Right-of-Way, Signs, Spring Cleanup, and Street Lights; Utilities: Stormwater Utility Fees, Street Light Rates, and Water Meters.
The full text of Ordinance 989 is available at Cottage Grove City Hall during regular business hours.
Joe Fischbach
City Clerk