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Attached villas planned on north end of Cottage Grove

Mark Elliot Homes has proposed villa units similar to this design. Courtesy of the city of Cottage Grove 1 / 2
The development would likely be phased in three parts, starting on the southernmost end. Courtesy of the city of Cottage Grove 2 / 2

Mark Elliot Homes is looking to add dozens of duplex units near Keats Avenue and Military Road.

The plan includes about 66 duplex units on 33 lots in a 19-acre area. They would be mirrored units with shared garage lots.

The lots are expected to be 43 feet wide and 72 feet long.

"The land has sat for sale for years; it's kind of exciting to see development finally here," Senior Planner John Burbank said at the July 23 Planning Commission meeting.

The Planning Commission recommended the proposal to City Council 6-0. It will go before the council at the Aug. 15 meeting.