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Kolstoe looks to be a new voice on council

Evan Kolstoe

Editor's note: This story is part of a series highlighting Cottage Grove City Council candidates. Find the other Q&As here.  


Evan Kolstoe

  • Age: 35
  • Occupation: Assistant quality manager
  • Education: Masters in food safety
  • Family: Married

Why are you seeking election?

I'm running for City Council because I care about our community and believe that I can contribute to Cottage Grove's continued success.

What skills and qualifications would you bring to public office?

My open mind, ability to listen to opposing sides and do my own research before making decisions are skills that I believe would help ensure all viewpoints are heard and considered when issues are brought before the council.

What does the city need to do to ensure all Cottage Grove residents have safe drinking water?

To ensure the residents of Cottage Grove have safe drinking water now and, in the future, we need to focus on keeping contaminates out of our water source (the underground Jordan aquifer). One way to do this is by understanding how surface activities can affect the aquifer and ensure those activities are regulated within reason to keep the water safe. We also need to focus on keeping our water treatment facilities and distribution network well maintained. This requires having a knowledgeable staff and the resources necessary to properly maintain the system.

Is the city doing enough to attract affordable and life-cycle housing?

With the tightening housing market, I do not believe that Cottage Grove is doing enough to attract affordable housing for all stages of life.