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Thiede announces re-election bid

Dave Thiede

COTTAGE GROVE — Dave Thiede has his eyes set on a third term on the Cottage Grove City Council.

"I really enjoy working with the city, working (on) development and all the other cost justifications, and working for the people of Cottage Grove," he said.

During his first two terms, Thiede has worked on a number of projects that he said he's hoping to see through in a third term. He said there are "so many things to really get excited about," including the community center task force, HERO (health and emergency response occupations) Center construction, new additions to the business park, a new library and new contracts with the South Washington County Telecommunications Commission.

As he looks forward, Thiede also keeps on eye on the past by serving as liaison for the Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation. He said they are working to conserve the heritage of that area as development continues to move eastward.

"It just exhilarates me to work on a lot of this planning and development," he said.

Thiede said if re-elected he'll continue to think outside the box when funding projects, as well as trying to keep costs low.

"I really do work on getting greater value for the citizens ... finding ways to get more amenities without raising their (taxes)," he said.

In addition to Thiede, council member Steve Dennis' term is set to expire. Dennis announced in March he would run for re-election.