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As winter wanes, construction season approaches

A left-turn lane will be added to Keats Avenue onto Indian Boulevard this summer. Courtesy of Washington County 1 / 4
The Jamaica Avenue to Keats Avenue stretch of Ravine Parkway will be constructed in 2018. Courtesy of the city of Cottage Grove 2 / 4
Manning Avenue will be closed from 70th Street to Bailey Road June through September. Courtesy of MnDOT 3 / 4
Hadley Avenue, located on the north end of town between 65th Street and the Woodbury border, will be reconstructed in anticipation of the new Eastbrooke housing development. Courtesy of the city of Cottage Grove4 / 4

COTTAGE GROVE — The city will be light on road construction this year, with only a handful of road projects to disrupt traffic.

The city will forgo pavement management this year.

The remaining stretch of 80th Street improvements — from Jamaica to Keats — won't be done until 2020.

Ravine Parkway

The city's largest road construction project in 2018 will be a portion or Ravine Parkway — a roadway long in the making.

The road was designed as part of the Ravine Master Plan created by staff several years ago.

Now that several residential projects have been approved and begun building in the area, construction of the Ravine Parkway has become necessary.

The road will be built from Jamaica Avenue to Keats Avenue this summer for an estimated cost of $7.2 million.

Construction is set to begin late May and last through September.

Military Road will be closed when construction begins and remain closed after. The roadway is designed with one-way sections bordering a landscaped portion in the middle which intersects Military Road, cutting the sides off from each other.

As development continues, alternate routes will be able to access areas formerly connected by Military.

Another stretch of Ravine from Hinton Avenue to Innsdale Avenue will be constructed in 2019 for about $2 million.

Hadley Avenue

The reconstruction of Hadley Avenue from 65th Street to the Woodbury border was also triggered by residential development.

Over 124 new homes are planned for construction in the Eastbrooke development, just to the south of the Woodbury border and to the east of 65th Street.

That stretch of Hadley will be closed starting mid-May and through September.

Construction will cost just under $2 million, and the developer is splitting the pricetag.

Manning Avenue

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is adding safety improvements to Manning Avenue from 70th Street to Bailey Avenue in Woodbury this summer.

The additional safety features include widening the shoulders, installing mumble strips, resurfacing pavement and adding right turn lanes on 40th, 50th and 60th streets.

There will be lane closures through May, and the road will be closed June through September.

Keats Avenue will be the detour route.

Another phase will be completed in 2019 and 2020 from 70th Street to Highway 61.

This year's construction is estimated to cost $3.6 million; the next phase will be $7.4 million.

Keats Avenue

Washington County is heading up a construction project on Keats Avenue that will add a left turn lane to Indian Boulevard, near Cottage Grove Middle School and Grey Cloud Elementary School.

Construction will start late-July or early-August, and wrap up in September.

The turn lane added on northbound Keats will replace the left turn bypass lane. The county anticipates a decrease in the number of rear-end accidents in the school zone.

Project Manager Kevin Peterson said there will be some traffic impacts, but how much is not yet known.

Keats Avenue is set to also serve as a detour route for the Manning Avenue project, so the county is working with MnDOT to ensure construction times will not conflict.


Two trail reconstructions also will be completed this year.

The eastern Hamlet Park trail, running along the lake from 80th Street to the parking lot, is slotted for repavement.

The trail along East Point Douglas will also be redone, from approximately Jamaica Avenue to where the road curves near McDonald's.

The trails will be closed while under construction, though should not cause any road or lane closures. Work is set to begin late May.

Trail reconstruction costs are estimated to cost $500,000.