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Washington County staff get pay raises, board pay remains steady

The Washington County Board approved pay increases for the county attorney, administrator and sheriff at the Dec. 19 board meeting.

Washington County Attorney Pete Orput will receive a nearly 8 percent increase from his 2017 salary of $159,609. The 2018 salary is set at $171,580.

Compared to other metro county attorneys, his salary was “significantly low in relation to the marketplace,” County Administrator Molly O’Rourke said.

Sheriff Dan Starry, who was appointed to the position after Bill Hutton resigned earlier this year, will see an increase from $149,393 to $152,876.

Starry has announced that he will run for election to keep the sheriff’s office in 2018.

The county administrator will receive a 3 percent increase in her salary. O’Rourke will go from $171,208 to $176,344 in 2018.

The salaries for board members has remained the same since 2009, and did not see an increase for 2018. The annual salary is $52,713.