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Cottage Grove's PFC mitigation project brings home honor

City Engineer Jennifer Levitt showed the city council the award the city won from APWA-Minnesota for Project of the Year in 2017. The award was for the temporary treatment placed on Wells 3 and 10 over the summer to quicken the end to a watering ban. Katie Nelson / RiverTown Multimedia

The city received an award from American Public Works Association of Minnesota for their hasty completion of temporary treatment wells in the city.

The APWA gave Cottage Grove staff the Project of the Year award Nov. 17 for the granular-activated carbon filter tanks added to municipal wells 3 and 10.

"Nominations come in from across the state ranging from multi-million dollar projects that are years in construction and in design, and they really found our project to be very unique," City Engineer Jennifer Levitt said.

They chose the project for four reasons, Levitt said: an innovative construction technique where the city was the general contractor; the communication plan; construction under an unusual situation; and the project's benefit to industry as a whole.

Levitt said it took six weeks to do what would generally take a year.