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Viewpoint: valedictorian and salutatorian were an honor

Hannah Son and Marsha Waiganjo were the Hope Christian Academy salutatorian and valedictorian, respectively. Submitted photo

Randy Krussow is the principal at Hope Christian Academy.

Hope Christian Academy would like to honor their valedictorian and salutatorian, Marsha Waiganjo and Hannah Son.

Marsha has been such a blessing. Her mom instilled a love for reading in her when she was very young, and she impressed them six years ago when she came to HCA with the level of her vocabulary and the depth of her understanding and curiosity. Marsha has been a leader and a teacher at their school. She assisted in teaching the Spanish class this year and repeatedly pulled things from memory after having the class three years ago. She supervised the HCA Brain Maze Program for kindergarten and first grade students — all while she was carrying a full load of PSEO college classes. She scored in the top 1% of college-bound seniors on her ACT test and now has earned almost a full ride to the University of Chicago. Marsha can be very animated. This was demonstrated in student council meetings where she was the president and lectured other students on proper service and conduct. She showed it in classes when she led or taught, and often showed her personality at lunch where she was persuading the world (everyone) that her perspective was right. She's starting off studying English at college, but some believe she'll end up in law and that she'll make a fierce lawyer for God's kingdom.

Hannah has quite a story of how God has been leading in her life. God has been preparing her for this year at HCA for some time and she has sprouted and grown there. Hannah is kind and cheerful. When she first came to Hope, she said that she liked to share a big smile and greeting with those that she meets. She does. She is also a gifted student and has studied extremely hard to maintain an almost perfect 4.0 GPA. She did almost a year of high school credits the first semester to reach her goal and to save her parents some extra tuition money. Hannah does not consider herself privileged but humbly encourages the least privileged students in their school. She joined the volleyball team when they needed players. She was elected to the student council as a newly enrolled student. And she has served as secretary writing letters and thank-you notes in a language that she has only recently started to master.

Hope Christian Academy is proud of these graduates and benefitted by their presence.