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Student teams place in academic triathlon

The Cottage Grove Middle School team made up of Camryn Bienfang, Jenna Donlon, Macey Kaufenberg, Amber Norggard and Jamy Randrup. They were coached by Jennifer Norgaard and Lisa Kaufenberg. 1 / 2
Leah Franson, Sahasra Maddukuri, Kathryn Murphy, Jayden Pinault and Teagan Thiesfeld from Cottage Grove Elementary were coached by Venu Maddukuri and Chrissy Murphy. Courtesy of South Washington County Schools 2 / 2

WOODBURY — Six South Washington County Schools teams finished in the top 10 in their sections at the state U.S. Academic Triathlon tournament hosted May 12 by Woodbury Middle School.

Each team completed skits, answered trivia questions and tested on various skills. Almost 175 teams competed in the triathlon.

A Lake Middle School team took first place, a Woodbury Middle School team took third place, a Cottage Grove Middle School team took fifth place, a Lake Middle School team came in fifth place, a Cottage Grove Elementary team came in eight place and a Liberty Ridge team came in eighth place.