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Wabasha man sentenced for solicitation

A Wabasha man was sentenced to one year in jail and two years probation for soliciting sex from a minor in September 2017.

Mark Leonard Poirier, 48, was sentenced in Washington County District Court to one year in jail with 60 days credited, two years of probation and probationary terms including no use of internet dating or chat sites.

According to the complaint:

Undercover officers posed as a 15-year-old girl offering services on

Poitier, who was living in Colfax, Wis. at the time, was arrested by police when he arrived at the meeting place in an apartment building in Woodbury

He admitted to having solicited sex on 10 to 15 times before.

Poirier told police he didn't know he had planned to meet a 15-year-old, and messages referencing the age had been deleted from the phone. Police were able to recover the messages — in which the undercover officer wrote that the girl was 15 — and he replied, "just what I thought."