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Charges: More than a pound of meth discovered after traffic stop

A Cottage Grove woman is facing felony drug charges after being found in possession of over a pound of methamphetamine in her vehicle.

Mary Louise Perkins, 54, Cottage Grove, was arrested on suspicion of drug possession when police allegedly found 1.3 pounds of methamphetamine in her vehicle during a July 24 traffic stop.

According to the complaint:

Police were keeping an eye on Perkins after receiving a tip that she sells meth from her vehicle.

Police stopped Perkins for a traffic violation. Officers found Perkins had methamphetamine and some marijuana on her person. In a search of the vehicle, officers found five vials of THC, marijuana, drug paraphernalia and nearly $4,000 in addition to the 1.3 pound of methamphetamine. She told police the drugs belonged to her.

Perkins was convicted of misdemeanor sale of marijuana in 2009.