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Four teens arrested for car thefts in Cottage Grove

Police arrested three juveniles and one 18-year-old for motor vehicle theft, and they are also suspected in multiple other vehicle tampering cases in the city.

Early Dec. 4, an officer on routine patrol found four males standing in the road in the 9100 block of 79th Street. Around the same time, another officer found a stolen vehicle a short distance away. The officers were able to determine the males had been in the vehicle and had stolen it. The teens reportedly gave conflicting stories.

Eugene Wilson, 18, of Cottage Grove was charged with possession of stolen property and a stolen motor vehicle. Two 17-year-old St. Paul males were charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, and one 15-year-old St. Paul male was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, giving a false name to police and being out past curfew. They were taken to the Washington County juvenile detention center.

Police are still investigating whether the four teens are responsible for other thefts throughout the city.