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Alleged counterfeiters found in Cottage Grove hotel

A man and woman from Albertville were arrested Oct. 25 for allegedly counterfeiting money in a Cottage Grove hotel room.

Travis John Theisen, 23, and Natalie Michelle Ramey, 35, were arrested at the Country Inn and Suites, 8350 East Point Douglas Road, after police received information that they were counterfeiting in their room.

Thiesen was charged with two counts of attempting to produce counterfeit money, aiding and abetting of counterfeit, a gross misdemeanor for giving false information and two other outstanding warrants.

Ramey was charged with two counts of counterfeiting as well as aiding and abetting counterfeit.

Police found $150 in counterfeit bills in the car, as well as two printers and computers. Police also found two pages of uncut counterfeit $50 bills, uncut $20 bills, and a garbage bag filled with cut $10 bills and ripped up $10, $20 and $50 bills.