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Newport public safety reports: Gas drive-off; Pills found in teen's bedroom


SuperAmerica, 1624 Hastings Ave., reported a $25 gas drive-off around 9:45 a.m. Sept. 26.

A 17-year-old male is suspected to have stolen $100 from a home in the 1400 block of 10th Avenue Sept. 27.

A Hastings man reported Oct. 4 that a knife, a CD case and a car door opener were stolen from a vehicle in the 3000 block of Maxwell Avenue.

A 25-year-old West St. Paul man was caught on tape stealing $61 from his friend's roommate at the 600 block of Seventh Avenue Oct. 8. The man, who was intoxicated at the time of the incident, was cited for theft and released.


A home in the 1600 block of 10th Avenue was broken into after midnight Sept. 28. Authorities found the back door kicked in, but nothing taken.

A home in the 600 block of Century Avenue was unsuccessfully broken into while the resident was away from home for two weeks. Mail and packages were opened and there were pry marks around the door frame. Nothing was amiss inside the home.


A 34-year-old Fridley man is suspected of assaulting a woman in her home in the 1700 block of First Avenue Oct. 4. The man reportedly kicked down her door, hit her, threatened her with a knife and demanded money. The victim was transported for injuries. The man had left the scene but contacted the Washington County Sheriff's office and said he would meet with them when he returned. The case is active.


Michael Henry Beaudry, 22, of St. Paul, was arrested following a Sept. 27 traffic stop at Hastings Avenue and 18th Street. Beaudry had an outstanding warrant and was driving a car belonging to a domestic assault victim he was prohibited from contacting, according to the report. He also was driving without a license. Sheriff's deputies reported seeing granules on his face and a half-consumed pill on the passenger floor. The unknown substance was tested.

Police found pills in the bedroom of a 15-year-old Newport male Oct. 4. The pills were in a plastic bag with a Paw Patrol logo on it. Police counted 107 pills.

Dog bite

A 12-year-old male was bitten by a dog in the 500 block of Fourth Street Oct. 7. The boy was working in the yard when the dog, which is known to be aggressive, broke loose from the neighboring house and jumped the chain link fence. The dog started trying to bite the boy's feet before jumping up and breaking skin on his stomach. He denied medical attention. The dog was labeled potentially dangerous.