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From afar, he turned Lake Elmo girl into his sex slave online

A man convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl — whom he never met in person — got a prison sentence of nearly 30 years Thursday in Washington County District Court.

Oct. 20, 2015 courtesy photo of Cheyenne Cody Vedaa Foster. Foster, 20, of Arlington, Wa., was charged in Washington County, Minn., with first-degree criminal sexual conduct and using a minor in a sexual performance or pornographic work in a case involving a Stillwater Junior High School student. Photo courtesy of the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Cheyenne Cody Vedaa Foster, a self-described “monster” who turned a 13-year-old Lake Elmo girl into his online sex slave, was sentenced to a prison term of 28 years and eight months under the terms of a plea agreement.

Foster, 20, pleaded guilty to a charge of first-degree criminal-sexual conduct involving sexual penetration, personal injury and force or coercion.

Foster, who is from Arlington, Wash., about an hour north of Seattle, admitted that he used threats of punishment conveyed through text messages, video chats and social media to coerce his victim, a Stillwater Junior High School student, to sexually abuse herself.

His sentence, handed down by Washington County District Court Judge Mary Hannon, is double the upper end of the sentencing range typically expected for a first-degree criminal sexual conduct conviction.

But prosecutors said by pleading guilty and accepting the harsher sentence, Foster may be avoiding federal child pornography charges.

Foster was also charged with using a minor in a sexual performance or pornographic work. That charge was dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

During his plea hearing in April, Foster admitted that in December 2014, he began a “dominant-submissive relationship based on sexual gratification” with the 13-year-old victim.

Foster said that in the messages they exchanged, the girl referred to him as “Hero, Master, Sir or Daddy.” The girl was nicknamed “Kitty.”

The “sexual and punishment-driven” communications between the two would continue until September 2015, Foster said.

Foster ordered the girl to masturbate, to choke herself with a piece of cloth, to put clothespins on her body, to wear a collar, to spank and pinch herself and to write words on her body. When asked why, Foster repeatedly said the orders were meant to control the girl and for “sexual gratification on my part.”

Foster said the girl informed him she suffered from depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety. Foster said that was one of the reasons he contacted her.

“Suicidal girls are simply more apt to fall into a submissive role and to follow a dominant,” he said.

In the criminal complaint against Foster, the girl discussed killing herself. In one communication he told her, “Maybe one day, baby girl. Every time we Face Time, you’re going to almost commit suicide for Daddy, okay?”

At one point, in March 2015, Foster said he was “particularly cruel” and he told the girl to penetrate herself with a hair brush, causing bleeding.

Foster said the relationship between himself and the girl was coercive and nonconsensual, because the girl was so young. He said the girl was innocent and undergoing emotional and physical pain. “I took advantage of all of that,” he said.

Investigators say they believe Foster may have had other victims in other states.