Edina-based developer proposes riverside homes in St. Paul Park


The city is considering a residential concept plan for nearly 30 new homes along the Mississippi River.

Stone River Homes, a developer based in Edina, is proposing 28 single-family homes on a 4-acre lot to the south of 13th Avenue and First Street.

The developer estimates the homes would cost between $325,000 to $375,000. Lot widths would be 55, 60 and 65 feet with a 110-foot length.

If approved, construction likely will be phased, building about 18 before constructing a road inside the development and building the last 10.

The proposal is submitted as a planned unit development, which generally would need two different kinds of housing stock in it. The developer gave the option to add twinhomes to the development or stick with just single-family. The planning commission at its July 9 meeting — as well as the city council at its July 16 meeting — discussed the options and landed on single-family homes only.

"It's a neat kind of kick-off to get some of that area down there cleaned up and refurbished and get some new opportunities for folks to move into here in St. Paul Park," Mayor Sandi Dingle said. "I think we're excited to see this go forward."

This development is one of the first proposed in St. Paul Park since the Great Recession.

Riverside Park is to the north of the proposed development, the current compost side is to the south and the Mississippi River is to the west.

Because of its proximity to the river, the Department of Natural Resources has to review plans. So far the DNR has not had problems with the proposal.