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Four transported to hospital March 14 after CO poisoning in Newport

NEWPORT — Newport Fire and Cottage Grove EMS responded to a home in the 1300 block of Second Avenue where three adults and one juvenile residents received carbon monoxide poisoning early morning March 14.

One resident was unresponsive when responders arrived and became responsive when she was brought outside the home. The other three complained of being dizzy and not feeling well.

All four residents were transported to Hennepin County Medical Center, and the fire department vented carbon dioxide out of the house. None of the residents was critically poisoned, authorities said.

Pets were also removed from the home to the neighbor's residence.

The fire department measured carbon monoxide levels around 100 parts per million on the main level and 300 parts per million in the basement. Levels above 100 parts per million are generally dangerous.

Xcel Energy reportedly found multiple possible sources for the carbon monoxide leak, including a location in the kitchen. Homeowners told firefighters they unhooked the furnace the day before had an older boiler running while they are remodeling the house.

The home reportedly had no carbon monoxide or smoke detectors.