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Spared ribs: Western Wis. sanctuary takes in footloose pig

Wally, a 250-pound pig who jumped off a truck on his way to a Sioux Falls slaughterhouse, is seen her at the SoulSpace Sanctuary near New Richmond, Wis. (Submitted photo)1 / 2
Wally is pictured here waking up his first morning in his "forever home" at the SoulSpace Sanctuary in New Richmond, Wis., according to founder Kara Breci. Submitted photo2 / 2

NEW RICHMOND, Wis. -- This little piggy won’t go to market.

A 250-pound pig who jumped off a truck at 70 mph on the way to a Sioux Falls, S.D., slaughterhouse and survived in now living at a farm sanctuary northeast of the Twin Cities, where the caretaker says “Wally” is an “amazing pig.”  

Kara Breci, the founder of SoulSpace Sanctuary in New Richmond, Wis., just northeast of the Twin Cities said Wally arrived at his new home this past weekend, sniffed around a bit and “he decided this place is going to be OK.”

She was sure he would rather be there than at the Morrell’s slaughterhouse and packing plant in Sioux Falls.

Wally jumped off the truck about 3 miles from the packing plant as it was nearing Sioux Falls on Interstate 90 early last week. The pig ended up in the median, where he was a danger to traffic.

A Hartford, S.D., woman who was following the truck, but who didn’t want to talk to the media, called Breci and told her that she saw Wally nudge at a cage latch several times. He then got it loose and made his leap.

“She said he didn’t fall off, he jumped,” Breci said.

The Hartford woman then called 911 and with the help of Sioux Falls Humane Society officers and the South Dakota Highway Patrol the pig was picked up and brought to the society’s nearby buildings..

There, he had to stay five days to see if he would be claimed. He wasn’t.

His stay there was enjoyable, too, said humane society director Kori Baade. He was fed apples and graham crackers and “didn’t cause any trouble,” she said.

One of the humane society officers named him “Wally,” she said, “because he looked like a Wally.”

The Humane Society doesn’t handle livestock anymore, Baade said, but a few years ago they took in two piglets — named Charlotte and Babe — after the pair had fallen off a truck. They were also taken to a sanctuary farm.

At SoulSpace, Braci said Wally, who could grow to 700 pounds, will join a pot-bellied pig named Brock. He also was supposed to be with a  2-month-old piglet named Nelson, but he lost his fight for his life Monday night after being found on a highway near Madison, Wis., just a few days ago.

Wally joins 32 other animals at the farm, including  sheep, peacocks, donkeys, a goat and a rooster.

Braci thinks Wally is “amazing.” He’s taken well to her as he comes up and rubs his snout and forehead on her.

“He’s got a lot of personality and is good with people,” she said.