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Cottage Grove Strawberry Fest Medallion Hunt Clue #3

The Strawberry Fest Medallion Hunt continues today with Clue #3:

We're into Day 3 and hitting our stride

The path keeps going but peer to the side

And as you look down, the ground you have eyed

Stop where two feet and four wheels coincide

A new clue will be released each weekday; there will be no new clues on weekend days. Each new clue will be published at 9 a.m. online at They also can be heard on the Strawberry Fest Medallion Hunt hotline at 651-458-6532, and are available at the Bulletin office, 7584 80th St., or at Edina Realty, 8475 East Point Douglas Road.

The medallion hunt winner will receive a $300 cash prize, with proof of purchase of a Strawberry Fest button. There is a $200 reward without a button.

Once found, the medallion must be brought by the winner to the Bulletin office to confirm the find, arrange for photographs and schedule to receive the prize from Edina Realty.

Participation rules

You must be 13 years or older, otherwise accompanied by a parent. Employees, agents and family members of Edina Home Services and the South Washington County Bulletin cannot participate. The medallion is the property of the Bulletin.

Here was Clue #1:

The medallion is hidden, the searchers are set

So join this annual hunt, for fun's a sure bet

Get your comfy shoes on and head for a trail

With so many to check, avoid ones by rail

Here was Clue #2:

Day 2 of this hunt is Day 1 of the Fest

But a royal hiding spot would not be best

Partake in the rides, the food and the cheer

Then seek solitude and start to look here