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Denny McNamara the Right Choice for Minnesota

Denny McNamara the Right Choice for Minnesota

Dear Readers,

We are thankful for the option to vote for Denny McNamara in the special election for State Senate District 54. Weve had the pleasure of knowing Denny for almost ten years, not only as our former State Representative, but also as a trusted small business advisor and family friend. We are grateful for the personal dedication and sacrifice that Denny has demonstrated to this community, district and state throughout his decades of public service. He has proven to be a voice of steadfast character, reason, and respect who stands firm for the families, small businesses, natural resources and financial security of Minnesota. Lets make February 12, 2018 "McNamara Monday" with a vote for a Denny!

- Scott & Nikki Sinclair, Veteran Small Business Owner, Hastings, MN