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Denny McNamara Not a "drain the swamp" Politician

Denny McNamara Not a "drain the swamp" Politician

Knowing Denny for many years and his past success as a State Representative, I am very happy with Dennys decision to run for State Senate District 54. I had the pleasure of getting to know Denny and his family when his son and my son played on a Little League baseball team that Denny coached. When Denny decided to run for State Representative I felt confident knowing his character and integrity that he was the best person for the position.

As a State Representative, Denny supported our community basing his decisions on our local interest. The current trend to "drain the swamp" to get rid of career politicians that make decisions based only on their political future is best for the voters in many circumstances. Denny does not use the career politician approach when voting on legislation. I feel he always makes decisions on what he feels is right for his voters. His experience, constant awareness of the community needs, support for Veterans and many years of dedication, make him the best candidate for the District 54 Senate position in this special election.

Ken Tibesar

USN Veteran