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Enjoy outdoors as spring, summer approach

Editor's note: This column is one in a series as three RiverTown Multimedia reporters take part in the Slim Down with RiverTown weightloss challenge.

The snow has finally started to melt, which means winter is coming to an end. The spring season is right around the corner and that means warmer temperatures and more activities to be done outdoors.

Brian MozeyIn my opinion, winter can be hard to workout consistently with the cold temperatures and the inches of snow that come almost every other day. There were plenty of days that I didn't want to workout because of the weather outside, but now that spring is here I'm so excited.

The possibilities for outdoor activities are endless, which means there's an exercise for every person. The main activity I enjoy in the spring and summer is running or jogging around my neighborhood.

It's a great way to see neighbors as well as see different things everyday. Along with running in the neighborhood, I sometimes drive over to local lakes and run around them in the morning or afternoon.

You don't have to run either. I know plenty of people that enjoy walking in the neighborhood or around lakes and they have a strong workout as well.

Running or walking is not the only workout I do outside during these months. I also kayak, paddleboard and join city recreational leagues like softball and basketball.

The one nice aspect of kayaks and paddleboards is that it's not difficult to put them on top of a car and travel to a lake. It takes about 5-10 minutes to attach the kayak or paddleboard to the car.

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The best part is once you're in the lake, it's so peaceful and beautiful. There's nothing better than throwing the kayak in the water in the morning and being the only person on the lake at the time.

I will admit that I'm new to paddleboarding, so it's been an adventure the first few times I've been on it. A paddleboard requires balance and patience, which is two departments I lack, but continue to work on. I usually hope for no wind and no waves when I paddleboard, otherwise the kayak usually comes out.

There's nothing better than being out on a lake during the summer in Minnesota and Wisconsin, so enjoy them whether it's buying water items or renting them at local parks. Then, sit back and enjoy an exercise while watching the sunset on the lake.

The city recreational leagues are also good ways to not only work out, but also to meet new people in the city or community. I've been a part of a softball league for a handful of years and it's always something I look forward to because I love the sport and I enjoy my teammates.

It might be one or two hours, but that's enough time to put in a good workout for the day.

I would recommend checking out your city's or school district's website and seeing what recreational leagues are opening up for the season.

There's only a few months in the year that we can enjoy green grass and the warm sun, so go outside and soak in every moment. Unfortunately, that snow may return sooner than we hope.

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