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Dakota Electric Assoc. Board Election

As a Dakota Electric customer, very soon you will be receiving a ballot to vote for your representative on the Dakota Electric Association Board. We are endorsing Paul Trapp. He has had a long-time relationship with Dakota Electric. The Trapp family farm in Hastings was one of the first to join in the effort to form Dakota Electric to bring electricity to the rural areas of Dakota County. Paul has served on the Dakota Electric Cooperative Board since 2001, serving as secretary and also chairman on most Dakota Electric committees. Paul is dedicated to his Board position and passed the highest level of director training offered by the National Rural Electric Association. We have known Paul all our lives and appreciate that he is very involved in our community. We know him to be honest, informed, and always willing to listen. This is the kind of dedication we would like to have continue on the Dakota Electric Association Board. When your ballot arrives in your mailbox, please cast your vote for Paul Trapp. Thank you.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.