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Mary Fasbender dedicated to serving Hastings

I am writing to express my support for Mary Hoffman-Fasbender as our next Mayor of Hastings.

I have personally known Mary for many years and have always appreciated her great friendship to me and admired her longstanding commitment to our community. She has given heart and soul to so many different community projects, her church, volunteering for hospice, Gobble Gait, Rivertown Days, business growth - the list could go on and on.

Her take-action attitude and leadership skills are evident in everything she does, whether it is planning the Class of 1977 reunions - we had a great class! - or simply delivering a meal to homebound residents. Mary Fasbender does it because she is dedicated to serve all who live in our beautiful town.

I was born, raised and still live in Hastings, and this community is important to me. Mary Fasbender's leadership, knowledge and deep-seated desire to give for the greater good is indeed what we need in our next Mayor.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.