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Big Money Attacks on Tina Folch for House

As a candidate for the Minnesota House, I have stepped up to represent the residents within the Hastings, Afton and Cottage Grove area. I have had a lot of people thank me for having the courage to fight against the barrage of corporate special interest groups that have a tight grip on the Republican leadership currently running the Legislature. I admit to all that the worst part of running is preparing for the onslaught of negative attacks and ridiculous lies, but I never expected them to come as early and frequently as they have into our community.

Weeks before Labor Day, I have been under harsh attack by corporate dark money and "pro jobs" groups. Mailers recently went out making insane statements such as, "Tina Folch will make it easier for the radical violent mob to take over." The goal of such mailers is to discourage voters from participating in ugly politics and from even voting. They also attempt to normalize violence by suggesting the "other side" is already engaging within it. All of these pieces have been paid for by nontransparent dark-money groups with big money ties, such as the MN Jobs Coalition.

The good news is they are clearly worried I will win! They know that the incumbent is on the side of big business. He has fully supported bills to take away the rights of local government decision making in our cities to help big corporations, not us. Rather than focus on these outrageous accusations, lets focus on issues that our community cares about such as ensuring affordable health care, supporting education pre-K through career training, and safeguarding our drinking waters.

I stand endorsed by groups that care about us and our loved ones, such as the MN Nurses Association, Education MN (our teachers), the Sierra Club, and many other area labor unions. Please visit my website at to donate or volunteer or send us an email at Please support my campaign, Tina Folch for the MN House!

-Hastings Councilmember, Tina Folch

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.