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Letter to the editor: Vote Peterson, Schoen and Jurgens

When I started as mayor eight years ago, Cottage Grove faced some big challenges. Fortunately, I had great partners at every level of local government whom I could count on to roll up their sleeves and jump into the hard work necessary for turning things around. Today, Cottage Grove is on a fantastic path forward as a community in virtually every measurable category. Much of the credit for that goes to my city council, economic development authority, county and legislative partners — people like Jen Peterson, Tony Jurgens and Dan Schoen.

Peterson has been a wonderful partner and a terrific asset to our community in her eight years on the City Council. She has demonstrated sound judgment and strong leadership in countless ways, but what stands out most to me is her unwavering commitment to the well-being of our residents no matter what the issue might be. Peterson is a collaborative, professional person who has been instrumental in getting things done for the betterment of our city through her ability to analyze issues and find compromises with others to create a positive path forward. I have no doubt she will do the same as our state representative in St. Paul.

I’ve worked with Jurgens on the EDA for many years. He consistently offers well thought out, solution-oriented insights on development issues with a strong emphasis on infrastructure and public services. Jurgens is always forward thinking, fiscally responsible and focused on making things better, which is what I want in a partner at the State Capitol.

My experience working with Schoen as our current state representative has been exemplary. Schoen is not only a valued member of the Cottage Grove Police Department but also a very professional, engaging and proactive partner at the State Capitol. He has been a great listener and a tremendous advocate for us all on any issue we bring to his attention. I look forward to working with Schoen as Sen. Schoen moving forward.

Please join me in supporting Peterson, Schoen and Jurgens with your votes on Nov. 8. Thank you.

Editor's note: Myron Bailey is Cottage Grove mayor