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Letter: Gelbmann’s enthusiasm and generosity respected

As Jim Gelbmann nears the end of his service to the residents of South Washington County Schools, I would like to express my appreciation to him.

I first met Jim in 1980 when I was a second quarter freshman in an advanced public speaking course at the University of Minnesota-Morris. I recall being really impressed with his speeches, especially the one where you stood on a chair to deliver your speech, Jim. I’ll bet you got an A on that. 

Jim is not a “yes man.” He speaks from the heart and according to what he thinks is best for the students and staff, and ultimately the communities in District 833. Whenever there was an issue in the district, I would eagerly open the Bulletin to read what Jim had to say about the issue. I didn’t always agree with him—like the seconds on French fries issue from a few years back—but I always respected his enthusiasm and generosity of spirit.

Thank you, Mr. Gelbmann, for your service. There should be more elected officials like you in south Washington County and the state of Minnesota. You give running for office a good name.