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Letter: Don’t put ‘just another crony’ on District 833 School Board

A reminder: District 833 School Board member Jim Gelbmann’s seat only became available after he requested a closed-door meeting to discuss Superintendent Keith Jacobus’ job performance after three high-ranking administration officials resigned. Two weeks later Gelbmann was forced to tender his resignation. I haven’t always agreed with Gelbmann, but I have respected his questions to the administration and other board members on issues, policies and budgets — an admirable trait which the rest of our current board members seem to lack.

This nonsense of “send in an application, resume, cover letter and letters of recommendation” is a joke: Like a vocal School Board and administration critic (such as Susan Richardson, Joe Ryan or me) even has a chance of having a resume considered by the current board. It’s more likely it would be “circular filed” or ignored, just like committee applications have been disregarded or tossed.

Considering that this administration and board continue to refuse to answer basic questions as to why so many people are jumping from debt-ridden, bond-rating-plummeting District 833, how do they expect the people to believe that the person they appoint isn’t just another administration crony who will continue the habit of giving King Jacobus everything his heart desires?

A recommendation: Did we not just have an election last fall that resulted in a recount between Sharon Van Leer and Molly Lutz, with Van Leer winning the final available four-year seat by only a few votes? So why doesn’t the board dispense with the feigned “we want to do this right” malarkey and just appoint Molly Lutz to Gelbmann’s seat? At least Lutz had the support of only a handful fewer voters than Van Leer. By appointing Lutz, the board would have a much better representative of the people’s desires than a board-appointed (hand-selected) person, and the board could appear fair in the process.