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August 2015: Newport City Councilman Lund sent to detox after Heritage Days

Newport City Councilman Dan Lund was sent to detox early Sunday after becoming intoxicated following the St. Paul Park Heritage Days festival, a police report stated.

Lund, a first-term Newport City Council member elected in November 2014, was not arrested but was sent to the Dakota County Receiving Center’s detox unit in Hastings after he was found on a St. Paul Park resident’s deck without a sober ride.

“I’m incredibly embarrassed of being a nuisance, and I had too much to drink,” Lund said in a phone interview Monday.

According to the police report, around 2:30 a.m. a St. Paul Park police officer on foot patrol was approached by a woman who lives above Park Cafe on Broadway Avenue — the street where Heritage Days took place — who said an intoxicated man walked up the stairs and was sitting on her deck. The woman told the officer she did not know who he was.

The officer spoke with the man, who was identified by his driver’s license as Lund. The officer asked if Lund knew where he was. The report said Lund “could not answer,” and that “he was clearly intoxicated.” The officer reported Lund was staggering and had “severely slurred speech.”

The report also stated Lund refused to provide a preliminary breath test. In an interview, Lund said the St. Paul Park police officer on scene was professional.

“I’ve been working to ensure that I’m the person I want to be at all times and represent the people of Newport in a positive light.

“I really couldn’t be more embarrassed about it,” he added.

Police Chief Mike Monahan said there were no charges or any citations given.