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Cottage Grove woman gets shout-out from Michelle Obama at Xcel Energy Center show

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Former first lady Michelle Obama gave a shout-out to Sheletta Brundidge and her family during her March 13 book tour stop at the Xcel Energy Center. Picture are her husband Shawn and children Andrew,Brandon, Cameron and Daniel. Submitted photo2 / 2

COTTAGE GROVE — She posted a Minnesota welcome to Michelle Obama — not on social media, but with an honest-to-goodness poster on the garage of her Cottage Grove home.

But Sheletta Brundidge wasn’t prepared to get a shout-out from the former first lady during her March 13 appearance at the Xcel Energy Center.

Obama’s stop in the Twin Cities was part of her “Becoming” book tour. Brundidge and five friends formed a book club that was named after the best-selling memoir. Wednesday, they joined 20,000 other fans, most of them women, who packed the venue.

At one point in the show, moderator Michele Norris of National Public Radio read questions that had been tweeted by fans.

“And I look up and she said, ‘This one comes from Sheletta Brundidge in Cottage Grove.’”

Then Brundidge was looking at a photo of herself and her family on the Jumbotron. Brundidge thinks the image was taken from her Twitter account.

“I just started screaming,” she said. “My friend from Houston was sitting next to me. She started grabbing my arm. She said, ‘Stop screaming! You can’t hear her!’”

Next up on the giant screen was a photo of the poster at the Brundidge home.

“Then (Norris) said “You may know Sheletta put up a mural on her garage.’”

Brundidge said Obama looked at the photo, put a hand to her face and said, ‘Oh God, I feel so sorry for your neighbors!’”

“Everybody busted out laughing,” Brundidge said.

It was at least the second OMG moment of the day. Earlier, Brundidge and her book club were having lunch at Ike’s Downtown.

“We were hanging out,” she said. “All of a sudden the phone started blowing up."

At first she thought one of her four children might be sick. But it was a tweet from Obama.

“Everybody was like ‘Oh my God Michelle Obama just shouted you out,’” she said.

“I was just over the moon.”

Brundidge posted a video of her reaction on social media.

An observer, perhaps the server, can be heard telling her, “Breathe!”

William Loeffler

William Loeffler is a playwright and journalist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He worked 15 years writing features for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. He has also written travel stories based on his trips to all seven continents. He and his wife, Michelle, ran the Boston Marathon in 2009. 

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