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Strawberry Fest Pet Show winners

Smallest Pet: Tortellini the Russian Tortoise shown by Dani Casalenda and Eli Egan.1 / 10
Mayor's Choice: Aislynn the Great Dane shown by Andrea Egan. Submitted photos2 / 10
Smallest Dog: Frankie the Papillon shown by Rene Weigel.3 / 10
Most Exotic: Cornelious the Goat shown by Dodge Nature Center.4 / 10
Terrific Pet Trick: Tinker the English Bulldog shown by Heather and Micaidh Stratten.5 / 10
Stuffed Dalmation won by Arkie.6 / 10
Best Celebrity Impersonator: Greta the English Bulldog Mix shown by Ashton Egan.7 / 10
Pet Show Judges: Reina Most, Erin Landz and Chrissy Marson from Park Grove Pet Hospital.8 / 10
Largest Dog: Zeus the Lab-Saint Bernard Mix shown by Maddy and Will Glenz.9 / 10
Best Costume, Best Luau Dance and Musical Chairs: Raine the Shepherd Hound shown by Mary Johnson.10 / 10

Dogs arrived in hula skirts and leis for the "Berry Luau" theme at the Strawberry Fest Pet Show this month. The 15th annual event also included a cat, tortoise and goat — a pet show first.

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