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Woodbury Chiropractor Wins National Award

Woodbury Chiropractor Wins National Award

Dr. Scott Schreiber, a resident and small business owner in Woodbury, received the 2018 Chiropractor of the Year award at a national convention in Las Vegas in April of 2018.

Over 500 doctors across the country were eligible to receive this award. The award was granted to Schreiber by the American Chiropractic Association Rehab Council. This award goes to a chiropractor in recognition of exceptional service, achievement and leadership to the chiropractic profession.

Dr. Schreiber took over as Owner and Clinic Director of MN Spine and Sport in May of this year. He and his family searched all over the country for a place to practice and they found that the Woodbury community offered a great place to work and raise a family.

Dr. Schreiber has over 14 years of experience and is the only Chiropractor in Woodbury to hold Board Certifications in both Rehabilitation and Clinical Nutrition.

His practice, MN Spine and Sport, is focused on customized care, evidence-based therapies, multiple treatment options and getting patients to move better, feel better and live better. Dr. Schreiber is passionate about getting his patients back to doing the things they love. He thinks that Woodbury has a need for a sports and injury specialist and he is honored to be a part of this community.