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Eastbrooke to add 124 new homes on northern border

The new housing development near the Woodbury border will add nearly 125 homes. Courtesy of the city of Cottage Grove

COTTAGE GROVE — A housing development plan was approved relatively quietly after the company made changes to the proposal to mitigate neighbor concerns.

The Eastbrooke development, planned near Hadley Avenue and north of 65th Street, will lie just south of the Woodbury border.

The developer heard complaints at a planning commission meeting last May as well as neighborhood meetings last month, and decided to scale back the project somewhat.

The new proposal includes 124 lots — 14 less than they originally proposed — and increases the size on many of those remaining.

Lots that originally had 40-foot widths were increased to 55 feet, and some 55-footers were increased nearly to 60.

Paul Robinson with the Bancor Group said there will still be a diversity of homes in the development, despite the enlarged lots.

Many neighboring residents had feared that the development, with its average lot size of 9,600 square feet, is not the right fit for the mostly rural area. Many of the existing homes have much larger lots.

Though the lots are smaller than those homes, there is a great deal of open space abutting nearly all of the homes. The area is currently hilly and wooded, and after development about 40 percent of it will remain open space.

The city council approved the development 5-0 at the March 7 city council meeting.