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Kuemmel's Corner: District 833 forms Facility Task Force

The district has put together a Long Range Facility Task Force to examine what our facility needs might be in the future. This includes academic as well as athletic needs.

I have always said that our district has some of the nicest high school facilities around. When East Ridge was built, the district made many improvements to Park High School.

I have been meeting with a small group of coaches to help us identify what some of our needs may be for the future. Near the top of the list is an artificial turf practice field at each of the three high schools. We are very fortunate to have turf in our stadium, and it is constantly being used by our phy ed classes, athletics teams, athletic association, and outside users. Many high schools (especially on the west side of town) have added a second (or in some cases third) turf field at their school. This benefits both the school and the community.

Another big need we have at Park is a storage facility and meeting space out at the stadium. When visiting teams come to Park, they have to use locker rooms in the front of the building if they want to have a space to meet. Having a structure that could serve as storage and a meeting space (similar to the one that was built at East Ridge) would make our stadium even nicer.

The entire building at Park has climate control/air conditioning except for the main gym and activity center. This makes things very difficult in the summer months or early spring when the weather gets so hot.

I believe that when the school was built in 1965, it was not built with a trainer’s room, and we have always just used a make-shift room for our ice machine and trainer. It would be nice to have where we could have a couple of training tables, and ice machine, and room for our trainer to work.

There are many other smaller needs that we would love to see improved, including a drinking fountain and windows in our weight room and the basketball hoops and curtains rekeyed in the Activity Center (it currently takes about 25 minutes to lower the six hoops on one court in the Activity Center!).

We are not asking for Park to have the exact same facilities as East Ridge or even Woodbury. But I am hoping that the district will realize that Park is the oldest high school in the district, and even though many great improvements have been made to our facility over the past 10 years, there are still many areas that need to be addressed.

-Phil Kuemmel, Park High School Activities Director