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Kuemmel's Corner: Park to celebrate its 100th anniversary next fall

Park High School will be celebrating its 100th anniversary next fall.

The Red Brick School in St. Paul Park expanded it high school curriculum and became an accredited high school in 1914. The school graduated its first class in 1917.

The district will celebrate 100 years of high school education Oct. 10-12. The celebration will coincide with the school’s Homecoming week and football game. A committee of volunteers has been meeting for the past month to help plan the event.

The committee has many great ideas, and these are just some of the possibilities: Friday nights’ activities include the usual Homecoming parade, but expanded this year to include a float or car from each of the 11 decades that had a graduating class at Park. Plans are also in place to host a huge tailgating party on the school grounds in between the parade and the football game. We would love to recognize all of the Homecoming kings and queens from the past 100 years during the course of the weekend. On Saturday we would have an open house at the school and offer tours of the building. We would also have a program in the afternoon featuring a multi-media presentation representing the 100 years of high school education and would hope to have a speaker from each of the decades say a few words about their high school experience. We hope to continue the celebration that night and have some type of evening event at local restaurants and gathering areas to encourage all the decades of alumni to come out and mingle with their friends at the end of the day. I have also heard that many classes are scheduling their class reunion on Sunday of that weekend with the hope that many alumni will be in town.

Retired Park teacher Cheri Bien-Coffman is the chairperson of the Centennial Celebration Committee. If you have any ideas, are able to help out, or have any artifacts to share, please email her at You can also check out the “Park High 100th Anniversary Celebration” Facebook page. Advanced Sportswear in Newport has been very helpful in the planning and will soon have Centennial clothing for sale.

Park High School has always had a very rich tradition. Many alumni still live in the area and their children have or will attend Park. We look forward to celebrating 100 years of that tradition next fall. I hope you can join us. “Respect the Indian, Honor the Wolf.”

-Phil Kuemmel, Park High School Activities Director