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Kuemmel's Corner: Winter weather worst I can remember

I know this might be the understatement of the year — but this winter has been the worst I can remember weather-wise in the 10 years that I have been doing this job. And I thought last spring was bad.

As if the five days of extreme cold were not bad enough, we get hit with a ton of snow last week.

I believe rescheduling games in the winter might even be harder than in the spring. When school is closed, I am very grateful that our district administration takes a “wait and see” attitude when it comes to cancelling after school and evening activities. There are some districts that have a policy that if school is cancelled, then activities must be cancelled as well. This makes sense on days that the governor closes down the entire state because of cold. But on other days, the temperatures might warm up by afternoon or the streets may be plowed in time for our athletes to get safely to their games.

It is very difficult to try to reschedule games, especially with officials, transportation, and facilities. Last week Friday was another one of these days. Forest Lake originally cancelled both the boys and girls basketball games for that night, but later on decided their teams could play. Our district made the decision to hold nighttime activities given the fact that streets would be clear later in the day. The section wrestling tournament was postponed on Friday, but officials knew they could get all of the wrestling in on the next day. On the other hand, the section diving meet was still held at Stillwater, because the pool had to be available for the swimming finals the following day.

We like to be able to play the games so fans can come and cheer us on, but our biggest priority is obviously the safety of everyone involved. When there is bad weather, I am in constant communication with our superintendent and transportation department, as well as the coaches and the opposing school. We have a great transportation department that works hard to keep our teams safe, but we also have to think about the safety of the fans that will be driving to and from the games.

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Hard to believe that spring sports begin in two weeks.

-Phil Kuemmel, Park Activities Director