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Woodbury doctors helping U.S. Olympians, heading to London

Local doctors Jenn and Jeremy Bischoff will work with Team USA at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games - which kick off with the opening ceremonies on July 27.

For years, local doctors Jeremy and Jenn Bischoff have treated patients and taught the essentials of healthy living at their NorthStar Family Chiropractic office in Woodbury. Later this month, they'll be taking their expertise to London to work with Team USA at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

"There's really nothing more exciting for me than being a part of the U.S. potentially bringing home some gold medals," Dr. Jeremy Bischoff said. "We have some pretty high hopes for the athletes this year."

The husband and wife team will be two of 150 doctors from across the country working with Team USA at this year's Games. The Bischoffs will work with the USA Wrestling, Judo and Weightlifting teams in the London Summer Olympics - which kick off with the opening ceremonies on July 27.

Originally each from Wisconsin and current residents of West Lakeland Township, the Bischoffs are members of a network of Maximized Living doctors certified in the 5 Essentials of living and state-of-the-art chiropractic techniques. In addition to Team USA, the couple has treated athletes from Concordia University - including their national championship volleyball team - and will work with the East Ridge girls swimming and diving team this fall.

"We focus more on spinal correction and actually changing anything that is interfering with somebody's body to heal and function," Dr. Jenn Bischoff said. "Our focus is to remove the interference, not just treat a symptom."

The Bischoff's journey to the Olympics began from working with the USA Wrestling program over a year and a half ago. They have worked with the other USA teams in local events since then. At the Olympics, they'll aid in anything and everything the athletes need to stay well and maximize their performances.

"We're there to support anything they need, really, down to the smallest detail," Jeremy Bischoff said. "But, the main things we work with the athletes on is keeping them on track nutritionally. We've helped them a lot with their physical preparation - in fact, they're now teaching our fitness program at the Olympic education centers across the country - and adjusting athletes before and after matches."

The Bischoffs graduated from Northwestern Chiropractic College in 2008. After graduation they spent roughly eight months training in Illinois with Dr. Charles Majors at one of the world's largest clinics focusing on the 5 essentials of health. They opened their Maximized Living Health Center in November of 2009.

"When people think of chiropractors they think of injuries that need to be adjusted, but that's not all we do," Jenn Bischoff said. "We are more performance-based and function-based. We want to get the athletes at their highest level of function, so there is nothing interfering with their ability to win a championship."

Jeremy Bischoff said what they do with the Olympic athletes is nearly identical to what treatment patients in their clinic receive.

"Honestly, what we teach them is really what we offer everybody back here. It's really the same principals," he said. "They have a different level of dedication as far as doing it, which is the difference. It's nothing really out of the ordinary that we don't teach to our patients here."

The Bischoff's Maximized Living care is based on 5 Essentials of living. Essential No. 1 is a Maximized Mind - Understanding the true principles of health and healing and creating a mindset of success; No. 2 is a Maximized Nerve Supply - Restoring and maintaining proper function of the nervous system through spinal correction; No. 3 is Maximized Nutrients - Nutritional science that sustains well-being, disease prevention, and ideal weight; No. 4 is Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle - Cutting edge exercise programs that work to facilitate optimum fitness in minimal time; and Essential No. 5 is Minimized Toxins - Supporting the body's own ability to permanently remove toxins from the cells.

"The first essential that we teach is focused on mindset," Jenn Bischoff said. "If somebody doesn't believe in themselves it's hard for us if they're in that state of mind. People's bodies are created for amazing health. That's one of the first things we focus on. Then it's the nerve system, nutrition, fitness and minimizing toxins going into the body."

The 2012 Games will be the first Olympics the Bischoffs will be a part of. They'll be in London from July 29 to Aug. 5. They will also be bringing along their 7-year old daughter Marnie, who is a gymnast.

Jeremy Bischoff said he's looking forward to the Games.

"We're definitely going to be busy, but because there are so many doctors going we'll have some time to see some of the sights and take in the feel of the whole games as well," he said.