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Q&A with East Ridge soccer's Anastasia Medellin

Senior midfielder Anastasia Medellin is a captain of the East Ridge girls soccer team and a leader of the Raptors on and off the field.

What's your favorite sports memory?

When I was a freshman, my high school team won the state championship for Class A. We worked really hard that year and I think coming together to accomplish something so amazing built friendships that have lasted me years

Do you have one individual performance at a game that sticks out as being a great one?

My club team recently competed in the regional championships and we played a team out of Nebraska called Toro Bravo. I played one of my best games of soccer that day mostly because my team was playing really well. I think individuals look best when an entire team is working together.

Do you have one game that sticks out as a bad one?

When I was 11, I had these weird goggles that I had to wear because I still didn't have contacts and I have really bad vision. There was a game that my coach put me in goal, but he didn't know that I have terrible hand-eye coordination. The other team scored like 12 goals on me and hit me in the goggles - I cried. I look back on it and laugh now.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Right before kickoff, I like to picture myself doing the things I know I need to do well in that particular game. Then, I picture myself doing what I know I do well every game. It helps me focus on a few small things rather than try to do everything perfect and overwhelm myself.

Do you have a nickname?

Most people just call me Stasia. My brother has always called me Stasia, and I think people just naturally pick up on it because Anastasia is so long.

What do you like to do off the field?

Just the norm; hang around with my friends, eat, shop, and support other Raptor sports, of course.

What's your favorite movie?

I love the movie Finding Nemo. It never gets old and makes me laugh every time.

Who's your favorite athlete?

Misty May. She is an amazing athlete with so much drive and I think she is someone that is very easy to relate to being a 17-year-old girl. Even if she plays a completely different sport than me, her attitude and love for her sport inspire me.

What's your favorite sports team? (besides your own)

My family and I have always been Vikings fans, even if that can be painful since they always lose. But my new favorite team has to be the Illinois Fighting Illini football team because that is my future school.

What's your favorite sport?

Soccer is my favorite sport to play, and I love watching football, so that would have to be my second.

What are your future goals?

I plan on going into pre-law at the University of Illinois and hopefully getting an internship in Chicago after I graduate. I also plan on playing soccer all four years of college and my goal is to improve my game every year while working towards an NCAA National Championship.

What advice do you have for young players?

Find a sport you love and work hard at it. You will only get out of it what you put into it. Enjoy every moment you get to play the sport you love, because time flies by!