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Woodbury leads district teams at section dance

Junior Emily Vanderhoff of East Ridge dances in the jazz part of the section meet Saturday. (Photo by John Molene)1 / 9
Park's Caryl Duran, Rachel Tourville and Simone Barries perform in the jazz division Saturday in the Section 3AAA meet. (Photo by John Molene)2 / 9
Woodbury High senior Taylor Lennartson dances in the section meet at Bloomington Kennedy Saturday. (Photo by John Molene)3 / 9
ayton Brown of the Woodbury dance team dances in the section meet Saturday. (Photo by John Molene)4 / 9
Amira Mazar of East Ridge dances in the jazz event Saturday at Bloomington Kennedy. (Photo by John Molene)5 / 9
Eighth grader Nevaeh Long of the Park dance team smiles as she dances in the section meet jazz event Saturday. (Photo by John Molene)6 / 9
Taylor Wold, a ninth grader at East Ridge, competes in the section jazz division Saturday. (Photo by John Molene)7 / 9
Sophomore Natalie Villanueva of Woodbury performs in the section meet Saturday. (Photo by John Molene)8 / 9
Senior Carly Duran of Park breaks into a big grin as the jazz team competition is set to begin Saturday in the section meet at Bloomington Jefferson High School. (Photo by John Molene)9 / 9

Woodbury, Park and East Ridge wrapped up the competitive dance season Saturday in the 12-team Class 3A, Section 3 dance competition at Bloomington Kennedy High School.

Woodbury finished sixth in both the kick and jazz divisions to lead District 833 dance teams. East Ridge was eighth in jazz and 10th in high kick. Park took ninth in high kick and 10th in jazz.

"They did awesome," Woodbury head coach Saige DeCleene said. "They had really strong performances. We had a really good week leading up to sections and they came off proud with no regrets, so that's all I could ask for.

"I think our kick went a little bit better. They were a little bit more fresh after a long break. It's hard to kind of jump back in, but again, they were happy with both."

Spring Lake Park won both the high kick and jazz divisions. The top three teams in each division advanced to the state meet. Also advancing to state was Centennial in both events, Henry Sibley in kick and Mounds View in jazz.

East Ridge and Park coaches both were happy with their team's performances Saturday.

"They did wonderful," East Ridge co-head coach Ashley Stoffel said. "Both dances went really, really well. They were really strong in kick and looked like they were having a really good time. And they really pulled through in jazz, too, and went out there and danced together and did a great job."

The Park coaching staff had a similar outlook.

"They did amazing," Park assistant coach Heidi Karbon said. "They ended their season how any team would want to end their season. They left it all on the floor, they did their personal best. We're just proud that they went out and they did their best. They had barely any mistakes. They were proud of themselves, so that pride is priceless."

Section 3AAA team results

High kick category

1. Spring Lake Park, 5; 2. Centennial, 8; 3. Henry Sibley, 11; 4. Mounds View, 11.5; 5. Roseville, 22; 6. Woodbury, 24; 7. Irondale, 28.5; 8. Stillwater, 31; 9. Park, 32.5; 10. East Ridge, 40; 11. Cretin-Derham Hall, 41.5; 12. Tartan, 43.

Jazz category

1. Spring Lake Park, 4; 2. Mounds View, 9; 3. Centennial, 10; 4. Henry Sibley, 15.5; 5. Irondale, 19; 6. Woodbury, 23.5; 7. Roseville, 26; 8. East Ridge, 33.5; 9. Stillwater, 36.5; 10. Park, 38.5; 11. Cretin-Derham Hall, 41.5; 12. Tartan, 43.5.