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Kuemmel's Corner: Injuries an unfortunate part of sports

Injuries are an unfortunate part of all sports. 

Despite the efforts of our coaches and trainer, injuries are bound to happen. I especially feel bad when seniors get hurt and lose their senior season. 

Sam Domeier (football) and Anna Keys (soccer) are both seniors that lost the majority of the season because of an injury. Sam tore ligaments in his ankle during the very first game of the season, and Anna tore her ACL early in the season. These kids work hard for such a long time, just to be able to contribute as senior leaders on their teams. If I could, I would go back and do what I could to give these kids a chance to compete. 

I don’t think we realize just how difficult it is to sit on the sideline and watch your teammates competing without you. The good thing is that they both will recover in time to play their spring sport, and Anna’s plans to play college hockey still remain intact. Both of these students were very positive teammates and helped the younger athletes that took their place throughout the season. My heart goes out to all seniors who have had to deal with injuries this fall. 

Of course, the underclassmen get hit with the injury bug as well. Siblings Aaron (football) and Ally (swimming) Gorres both received news early this fall that their season would end because of a rare back injury. Hopefully both of them will be able to return in time for the basketball season. 

For the underclassmen, what we sometimes forget is that even though our injured student-athletes may not be competing, they are working very hard at rehabbing their injury so that they can return to their sport the following year. I have seen many athletes who were seriously injured who have worked so hard just to get a chance to play again. This is true for our varsity athletes as well as our lower levels. Sometimes they may not return to the same level of performance as before the injury, yet they always give it their all. I give these student-athletes a lot of credit for working so hard just for a chance to compete for the Wolfpack. 

The students’ safety and well-being have always been our number one priority, and I hope all of our athletes continue to stay healthy.

 -Phil Kuemmel, Park High School Activities Director